Wonders of Al-Andalus

By Al Ardh Travel


A group of friends from Bolton UK decided to make a trip to Islamic Spain and discover Al-Andalus. We found the trip to be amazing and felt it went very smooth. Upon returning, a few friends requested a write up of what we did and where we stayed. Hence, this site was prepared.

01 Introduction

Why visit Al-Andalus? Spain was ruled by Muslims for nearly 800 years. During this period the Muslims were the intellectual superpowers of the world, excelling in all fields, whilst Europe was in its ‘Dark Ages’. Each city in Muslim Spain was full of glamour, religion, education and sophisticated Muslim culture. Unfortunately, the decline of Al-Andalus happened in 1492. Today, we have been left with the breathtaking works of architecture. Visiting Muslim Spain will make you realise the status that Muslims once had, and will create a little sadness of how we, as an ummah, have declined. We pray that all Muslims turn to their creator and that he shows us the days of glory once again.

Note: We are not experts, but we did spend a lot of time in planning the trip, so hopefully this will help. Effort had been made for the information to be up to date, but to be safe, we would recommend you research details yourself too. Our group consisted of young adults and we did not mind touring and travelling to many places in short amounts of time. However, if there are older people or those who like to tour each place slowly, then they should spread out their trip and stay a few days extra. We enjoyed it a lot and felt it was enough.

Flights: Book the flights as early as possible. The airport you should be looking for is Malaga, on the south coast of Spain. RyanAir normally has the cheapest flights. We booked our tickets from Manchester approximately 3 and a half months earlier and it cost us £50 each. If you are a family, you may consider parking your car at a long-stay car park at the airport, as it may be cheaper than a taxi there and back. (Note: with RyanAir, a 40x20x25cm cabin bag can be taken for free, and a hand luggage/suitcase can be taken at an additional charge)

Travelling around Spain: We would most definitely recommend hiring a car. It makes life much easier and gives the comfort of leaving/arriving at your own times. The tour of Al-Andalus can be made via public transport too. There are train services that connect each of the main cities and bus services within them. Please research the details yourselves before going.

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