What is a “Wild Card”?



A Wild Card is a card that you obtain after purchasing a membership that would give you one year of unlimited entry to 80+ National Parks, Reserves and Resorts around Southern Africa, depending on the “type of cluster” you have chosen.


Your membership is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. There are 3 types of memberships, an individual, a couple or a family (max of 7 people allowing 2 adults and 5 children or 1 adult and 6 children).


How can I purchase a Wild Card membership?


There are two ways that you can purchase your Wild Card membership:

1) Online

If you choose to buy your card online, you will immediately receive your confirmation after you have completed the purchasing process. This letter along with your proof of identification can be used to start visiting the parks and nature reserves until you receive your physical card via the mail.


2) At any of the parks

If you choose to buy your card at any of the parks, you will receive a receipt. This will be followed by a confirmation letter which you will receive via email. You can then start visiting any of the parks by using these documents along with your valid ID document. This would be valid for 30 days. It is important to note that subsequent to purchasing your Wild Card membership at a park you will then, within 30 days, need to complete an online application in order for your physical card to be sent to you via mail. 


Can international visitors obtain a Wild Card membership?

Yes, foreign guests can obtain a foreign Wild Card membership.

What are the costs involved in obtaining a Wild Card?

(The rates below are applicable from 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020)


Membership cost is R685. (SANParks cluster only is R655)


Couple – Pricing below is for 2 adults

Membership cost is R1130. (SANParks cluster only is R1,065)



Membership cost is R1380. (SANParks cluster only is R1,280)


Let us look at the family membership as an example. The cost for this membership is R1,380 and you get access to all the parks. To determine whether this Wild Card membership is worth the price you need to look at how many of these parks you plan on visiting. If you plan on visiting a select few of these parks, the next thing you would need to then consider is how frequently do you plan on visiting these parks? Based on these answers you can make an informed decision as to whether it will be cost effective and worth it for you to purchase a Wild Card membership.

Some places where you can use your Wild Card at are:


Cape of Good Hope: Adults R80, Children (2-11) R40. 


Boulders Beach: Adults R40, Children R20


Silvermine Nature Reserve: Adults R32, Children (2-11) R16


Newlands Picnic Area: Adults R32, Children (2-11) R16

Please note there is a cost of R28 per vehicle even for Wild Card Holders.


Tokai Picnic and Braai Area: Adults R32, Children (2-11) R16

Please note there is a cost of R28 per vehicle even for Wild Card Holders.


Have you had a Wild Card membership before; how was your experience using it? Do you think it offered you great value?


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