What Inspires You to Travel?

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By Tasneem Amod Cassim


Tasneem Amod Cassim

For me the answer has roots that run deep. Growing up traveling seemed like one of those dreams that was far beyond my reach. I never thought I would travel. I never thought I would leave my home town. In many ways I thought I would be trapped forever but life has been so full of surprises.

I have been given opportunities that I grew up believing I was not worthy of. Even when people told me not to dream something held out. Something inside me always had faith. Traveling has become a deeply spiritual experience now as where ever I go, I marvel at the Majesty of our Creator.

My name is Tasneem Amod Cassim. I am a qualified Educational Psychologist, Life Coach and Lecturer by profession.

My love for traveling or rather my yearning started at a very early age when I was given the opportunity to travel abroad to London at the tender age of 8 to visit my Uncle and Aunty who had immigrated there for several years already.

Growing up in a family of 5 my parents couldn’t afford fancy 5 star hotels, however, that never stopped us from traveling. My father had a love and passion for camping and as such he bought a caravan and eventually a huge motor-home for us to take on vacations which we have the most fantastic memories in. He always said traveling is not a matter of money but rather a matter of courage. Just after I completed matric we took a month long vacation from Polokwane through to the skeleton coast, moving through Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. This experience left a lasting impression on me and I was determined to see more.

My husband and I come from very humble and modest beginnings. He traveled abroad and locally only on a few occasions with his family and I never got the opportunity to go abroad during my teen years with my family, however, we traveled extensively locally. My parents instilled in us to never let your means and circumstances stop you from traveling. Travel within your means and make the most of it. In the end no one will remember the how or what but those special memories made along the way.

Early on in our marriage we both decided that travel was high on our agenda and that we were determined to explore. Thus we began to save and plan until we could finally start our globe trotting journey.

One of my husband’s Aunts told me at a function once that the “travel bug bites”, you won’t recover and that is so true.

Thus far we have been to 35 countries and counting. Due to the virus the last 13 months we have been home, however, we did have an epic road trip over 21 days through the Garden Route. I look forward to sharing some of our adventures with you and I would like to end off by saying to those who are scared or weary, overwhelmed by the idea of travel.

Travel…travel with all your heart…travel to find yourself…travel to find renewed vision and purpose but most importantly travel to find your Creator to witness His Majesty, His Beauty and His Nations. You will start to see how truly blessed and charmed of a life you are living.

I would like to part with the famous word by Ibn Battuta…”Traveling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller”.

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