The Empire Steak, Durban, South Africa

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The Empire Steak is located in Berea, Durban, South Africa.


Our Experience


We visited The Empire Steak for supper on Friday night. It was a cold, rainy evening. However, it was really nice and warm inside the restaurant. There were quite a few heaters inside which created a lovely, warm atmosphere.

Empire Steak


We were seated next to the play area. The play area is not big but it is quite entertaining. There were 2 staff members who were stationed there to look after the kids. They were really friendly and patient and kept the kids entertained. There is also a small area with a TV and a few chairs as well.

Empire SteakEmpire Steak


The staff were really friendly and provided amazing service. They enjoyed a mini photoshoot as they loved posing for the camera.

Empire Steak


Before we ordered, we asked many questions and the waitress remained patient with us. After much thought (as the menu is really wide and everything sounds so amazing) we finally placed our order. Here it is:


  • Empire Blast sirloin with half chips and half vegetable.
  • Mushroom burger with chips and onion rings
  • Gourmet ferrero milkshake
  • Strawberry daquire
  • Chocolate volcano
  • Turtle waffle
  • Milo
  • Choc cookie latte


As you would notice from our selection, we were really in the mood for sweet things. 


It was time for prayers after we ordered. A staff member showed us to the prayer facilities. After prayers, the food had arrived. The presentation of the food was absolutely stunning. And we were excited to see if it tasted as good as it looked.

Empire SteakEmpire Steak


Both the sirloin and the mushroom burger tasted even better than it looked. The sirloin had an amazing taste which was complemented very well with the sauces and spices. The mushroom burger was extremely saucy, which I loved, and I could bite through it effortlessly. The taste and flavours were absolutely divine. This sirloin and mushroom were definitely among the best food I have ever tasted.

Empire SteakEmpire Steak


The gourmet ferrero milkshake, the strawberry daquire and the milo were really tasty. The kids really enjoyed tasting all the varieties of flavours in these drinks. 

The choc cookie latte was really sweet and had a nice taste. If you love sweet drinks then I recommend you try this one out. 

Empire SteakEmpire Steak


The turtle waffle and chocolate volcano will satisfy the taste buds of any dessert lover. We had the chocolate volcano with ice cream. When you take a piece of the chocolate volcano it just erupts with chocolate. The turtle waffle is a beligian waffle with nutella and walnuts. 

Empire SteakEmpire Steak


So how did we manage to eat all that food, desserts and drinks? So this was our strategy. We forced ourselves to stop eating the food and take some home for the next day. It proved to be quite a challenge as the food was terribly irresistible. So the kids ended up drinking most of our drinks as they mostly wanted to play. So we had space for the chocolate volcano and shared it. We tasted the turtle waffle and enjoyed a few bites and then took the rest home and really enjoyed it while watching a good movie.




An amazing atmosphere, really wide menu, friendly and efficient service and absolutely delicious food makes The Empire Steak a must visit when you are in Durban.


*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with The Empire Steak. All views expressed are strictly our own and were not influenced by any external parties.*


Address: 116 Florida Road

                      Windemere, Berea


Phone: 031 303 8250



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