Somerset Gift Farm

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Located 234km from Cape Town, and 17km from Swellendam, after travelling through 7km of gravel road you will be met with the most lush, picturesque and tranquil setting. 




2 bed cottage


Pictured above is the 2 bedroom cottage, which is directly opposite the lake.




This a rustic farmhouse with all the facilities you will need for an epic break away to recharge and relax. It comes with a fully equipped kitchen.

Somerset Gift Farm Kitchen


There is a swing for adults and kids to play on.




There is a wood fired hot tub.


Hot Tub


There is a kids play area as well.


Kids play area


There is also a zipline over the river that looks like loads of fun. 


Tips and things to carry with if you plan on visiting this hidden gem:

-The river is very deep so be sure to bring floaters or arm bands for your kids.

-The third step by the canoes is very slippery, so try to jump into the canoes without using that step or be extremely careful when you do step there.

-If you have shoes that you can use in water, bring them with as well, it might help you have more grip on that third step.

-As you enter the river there is a small portion that is shallow enough for an adult to stand, this makes it easier to untie the canoes. 

-You can swim here, but be careful as it is really deep.

-Carry along your braai grid and braai utensils

-Keep all your doors locked and windows closed at night as they say baboons do come by from time to time. While we were here we never experienced or saw any of the baboons.

-If you are going to be here on very hot days carry a fan or request for a fan. 


Undercover braai area


Another thing to note is that the water that comes from the taps and showers are obtained from underground, hence the colour is brown. On the info leaflet it said that this water is safe to drink, however they also provide these 5l bottles of water for drinking. 

Water Bottles


We used the Suzuki Vitara Brezza on this trip.

Suzuki Vitara Brezza


This is a great family car at an affordable price. It has some really amazing features and was one of the top 5 best selling cars in 2021 in the Indian market. If you would like to see more details on this car and also how it handles gravel road then click the video link below.


If you are looking for an amazingly tranquil getaway that is fun for the entire family then this will make for the perfect option. There are also other accommodation options available.

At Somerset Gift Farm you get to hear the cows and birds and experience nature at its best. There are also hiking trails that you can do while on the farm.


Here are 2 farm stalls that you could stop by if you are travelling from Cape Town. 





Have you been here before? How was your experience?


Or would this be a place you would love to visit some time in the future?


You can get in touch with the Somerset Gift Farm on their website or Instagram page:





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