Rushing Arrows



Rushing Arrows is located at the Sugar Rush Park in Ballito, Durban, South Africa.




This game was something different to what I expected. However, it proved to be really entertaining. There is a table with bows and arrows and some targets on the field. I assumed it would be target shooting. And I was right to an extent.

Rushing Arrows


You and your friends are the target. I must admit, I was terrified when I heard that. BUT, it turned out that the ends of the arrows had a soft pad so that when you do get hit, and you will, its not at all painful. You also have a mask to cover your face so that its protected from the shooting arrows. This game is played in teams. Each team stays on opposite ends with a line in the middle where neither team can cross.

Rushing ArrowsRushing Arrows


One of the staff members showed us exactly how to play and because we were a really small group he ended up playing with us. They even join in games that have uneven numbers or if you ask them to be a part of the game. He was really very helpful. By this time our baby was awake and wanted to be out of the pram and our 4 year old couldn’t partake in this activity. Our 6 year old son tried and just about managed to shoot a few arrows but couldn’t manage being a part of the game either.

Rushing ArrowsRushing Arrows


Rushing Arrows and Laser Rush Ballito are located right next to each other, so the friendly staff by Laser Rush took our baby and 4 year old into the office and kept them entertained while we enjoyed the game. 

We had fun, and lots of laughs. I’m sure older kids would manage to be a part of the game. If not then the adults can enjoy a game of Rushing arrows after they play a game of Laser Rush with the kids.



A really entertaining game with staff members helping you every step of the way. I highly recommend you to give it a try. You will surely have lots of fun, as we sure did.


*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Rushing Arrows. All views expressed are strictly our own and were not influenced by any external parties.*


Address: Sugar Rush Park

                 Esenembe Road

                 Ballito, Dolphin Coast

Phone: 083 233 5165



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