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RJ’s Premier Argyle is located in Morningside, Durban


Our Experience


One of the first things I noticed about RJ’s Premier was the absolutely amazing kids play area. This play area is second to none. There is a staff member who watched the kids while we enjoyed our meal. The play area had a wide array of activities and entertainment for kids of various ages. I will let the pictures show you how extensive and amazing this play area is. They even had a small astro soccer area downstairs! By the main play area upstairs there is a secure gate to prevent any kids from running out. I loved that it was so secure that even adults including myself couldn’t open it without assistance from a staff member. 

RJs PremierRJs Premier


RJs PremierRJs Premier

For lunch we ordered the ribs, this was based on a recommendation, as we heard that RJ Premier ribs are really good so we gave it a try. When I took my first bite I was really blown away. The taste was out of this world. What topped it off was that there was no fat on the ribs. If you love ribs then I would highly recommend that you try RJ’s out.

RJs PremierRJs Premier


What makes RJ’s Premier Argyle so unique is their Teppanyaki grill. This looks amazing and we definitely want to try it out on our next trip to Durban. I have no doubt that all the meals, desserts and drinks are of the same quality.

RJs Premier


RJ’s express is open 24/7 and is located on the same premises. 




Buzzing atmosphere, professional service, exceptional kids playing area and high quality, tasty food are just a few of the many reasons why you should visit RJ’s Premier Argyle. Have you visited RJ’s before? What did you enjoy the most of your experience?


Check out their Instagram page to see more of their specials, food and dessert pictures, as well as the Teppanyaki grill and how awesome it looks.

*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with RJs Premier Argyle. All views expressed are strictly our own and were not influenced by any external parties.*


Address: 106 Montpelier Road



Phone: 072 194 5280

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rjs_premier_argyle/


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