Review: Po’Boys Durban, South Africa

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Po’Boys: ‘Authentic New Orleans Baguette Sandwiches’



Po’boys is located at the Cowey Food Park in Durban which is just 33km from the King Shaka International Airport.


Our Experience


Innovative, passionate, original and delicious are 4 of many words that describe our experience at Po’Boys in Durban. With Po’Boy being a new concept in South Africa, eating at this restaurant created an anticipation as we did not know what to expect.

PoBoys Durban


Generally, at a new place most of the time is taken deciding what to order. However, this was not the case at Po’Boys. The menu is simple making it easy to choose from. 


We ordered the Californian. This was a chicken Po’Boy with homemade nut pesto. Before I get into the taste it is important to know that the rolls and sauces are made by Po’Boys themselves. This truly comes out in the immaculate taste of the Po’Boy. It is surely one of a kind. To us, it appeared like something we have seen before. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that this was not the case.

PoBoys Durban


As I took my first bite, my teeth just went through the roll like a hot knife through butter. The softness of this roll was something else. You can actually taste the roll, chicken, cheese and homemade nut pesto doing its magic in your palate. Sometimes when a roll is not made correctly it actually takes away from the taste of the food, but at Po’Boys the opposite is true. The roll enhances the taste due to its freshness. The portion size was generous making it perfect to share. The outside seating area is casual and relaxing which we enjoyed.

PoBoys Durban




Po’Boys is definitely on my list to try out new flavours the next time we are in Durban. They have a breakfast Po’Boy which contains omelette with spiced mushrooms and cheese, the French Quarter which has chips and cheddar cheese, the Texan which has steak with homemade spicy  barbecue and the Louisiana Classic which has battered prawn.


They also have the Philly which has cheese steak with onion, chips and homemade mild chilli and mustard, the Bombay which has lamb kebab wrapped in a savoury pastry deep fried with chips and homemade green chutney and lastly the General Tso which has fried sesame chicken strips with asian slaw and a homemade spicy soy sauce.


Each Po’Boy is made so differently and has a unique taste. The qualities that the restaurant stand for can definitely be tasted in the food presented.


If you have tried Po’Boys before which is your favourite?

*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Po’Boys Durban. All views expressed are strictly our own and were not influenced by the sponsor*


Address: Cowey Food Park

                 123 Problem Mkhize Road, Essenwood 


Phone: 076 480 2507






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