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If you are visiting Johannesburg and you are an animal lover, then the Johannesburg Zoo is a must see. They have a wide variety of animals which makes for a fun day out for the whole family.  Bare in mind that there is lots of walking and keeping water for hydration is essential. Please make a note to keep the map of the zoo with you, which you can obtain from the main entrance, as it is easy to get lost when you are on your way back.

As you enter there is a small shop that sells ice cream, chips, water and soft drinks. Unfortunately, there is no halaal food sold on the premises. However, you can bring in your own food and make use of the picnic sites available.

At the main entrance, for a minimal additional fee, you can purchase a ticket for the driven guided tour which takes you from the entrance to the lion enclosure, with stops along the way allowing you to take pictures of the other animal enclosures on route.

From the lion enclosure there is a great deal of walking still to be done in order to visit the other animal enclosures. Therefore, I highly recommend this driven guided tour at the beginning.

One of the most noticeable aspects of this zoo is the large size of the animal enclosures. Given the large size I was still able to see the animals present in each enclosure with ease.

Since the lion enclosure is the most popular one, there is a lovely viewing deck which is well above the ground enabling you to have a full view of the entire enclosure.  From the lion enclosure, on your walk, there is a variety of animals to be seen, including crocodiles and zebras.

The tiger enclosure is a must see. Within the enclosure the tigers sit on a high deck enabling perfect view of them. They have three tigers at the zoo and they look absolutely majestic. After the tigers I saw rhinoceros, elephants, giraffes, buffalos and flamingos amongst others. There were a few more enclosures to be seen including the baboon enclosure. However, by this time I was so tired of all the walking that I just wanted to get back to the car.

Overall it was a memorable experience. I enjoyed seeing the wide variety of animals and would definitely visit the zoo again.

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