Cango Wildlife Ranch

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is located 2.3km from the Oudtshoorn Inn Hotel. At the Ranch some of the animals that can be viewed are crocodiles, lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and wallabies among other animals. They have guided tours that are run throughout the day. They also have crocodile feedings every few hours (confirm on arrival about these activities). Also inquire about the special entrance fees before going to the Ranch. Another 2 tips I found very useful was, 1) Go early during peak season as the Ranch does get very crowded. 2) Carry a change of clothes and some towels with if you are visiting the Ranch with small kids as the kids zone has some really fun water spraying activities that the kids absolutely love. Also carry some food and snacks with you into the park as there are no halaal food options in the park. However, there are small vendors in the park that sell ice creams, soft drinks and other small snacks.

After the tour you may re-visit any of the animal enclosures that you would like to see again. Another benefit of going early is that you have a chance to see most of the animals. The lions tend to sleep for most of the day so if you can catch them early in the morning before they go to sleep it would be great.

If you are going to the Ranch with kids I would suggest to go on the tour first and enjoy seeing all the animals then take the kids to the kids zone. At the kids zone there is a nice bench and picnic table that you can sit on and enjoy your snacks while the kids play. For the more adventurous, there is also crocodile cage diving as well as various animal encounters that you can do. Overall the experience at the Cango Wildlife Ranch was amazing. The Ranch is well maintained, the animals looked after beautifully and the guided tour is very informative. If you go with kids they are sure to have an amazing time. 

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