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Here’s an idea of a travel product that can be turned into multiple activities, saving you the trouble of some extra packing. This activity is a win for us and the kids and it’s something I am most certainly taking with me the next time we travel by air. So here goes the review of “the pencil crayon bench”. 


Radical products is home to the pencil crayon bench. This bench has been laser cut and can be personalised at the bottom. It’s an innovatively designed bench that is used to store pencil crayons. 


Radical Products


The bench looked really attractive and had us all in a colouring buzz. It evolved into an activity for the kids. My four year old would take out all the colour pencils and rearrange them back into the bench. This was a great fine motor activity for her. It then evolved into a colour recognition game where my 7 year old would try and remember the colours he puts into the bench and recreate the exact same colour pattern. This was a great memory activity game that he thoroughly enjoyed. 


Radical Products


I am proud to say that the bench is still intact after all the playing and colouring we had done with it. The quality of the pencil crayons were exceptional too. We still weren’t required to sharpen any of the colour pencils. The bench can be disassembled and assembled again within seconds. Here is our bench now being packed away as a travel activity.

Radical Products


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