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Nonnas is located in Umhlanga Rocks, Umhlanga.


Our Experience


Nonnas is a 5 star Italian restaurant and our experience was nothing short of this. As we entered we were greeted with a smile and shown to our seats. It was a warm day so we opted to sit in the outside section of the restaurant. The atmosphere here was really amazing.

Nonnas UmhlangaNonnas Umhlanga


For starters we had the Melanzane alla parmigiana. This was absolutely divine and a brilliant way to start off our meal. This starter had di Nonna Maria rolled brinjals filled with mozzarella, basil topped with pomodoro sauce and parmigiano. This was something we had never tasted before and were skeptical to try out. But we were instantly glad that we did. From the first bite all the unique and diverse flavours came together in a completely unexpected yet harmonious fusion of tastes. This is something words would not do justice to explain how it tasted. It had a cheesy, tomato taste and the brinjal tasted completely different from the way we were used to tasting it. Have you guys tried this out before? What were your thoughts on it?

Nonnas UmhlangaNonnas Umhlanga


For the main meal we had 2 medium pizzas, the venezia and sienna pizza’s, and the chicken alfredo pasta. The Venezia had mozzarella, prawns, avocado and rockets. This pizza was also very diverse and different from what we would usually try out. Yet again we were ever so glad to have made that choice as this pizza was absolutely divine. The Sienna had mozzarella, chicken, peppers and mushrooms. Now this pizza was something we would usually order, yet it had such a unique taste. We loved and enjoyed every single bite of it.

Nonnas UmhlangaNonnas Umhlanga


The chicken alfredo pasta was also truly amazing. It was creamy and tasty and hit the spot. It was cooked well and tasted perfect. The pastas are actually made at the restaurant, which we thought was amazing. We could actually taste the great quality of the ingredients used in the preparation of all the food. 

Nonnas UmhlangaNonnas Umhlanga


To drink we had a chocolate milkshake and a lovely hot caffe latte. Both our drinks were exceptional. Being a 5 star restaurant we were scared and a bit skeptical to take our kids with us. But at the end we decided to bring them with. And we were glad that we had brought them with us. They actually enjoyed the restaurant and the friendly waiters. It was such a chilled and relaxed vibe at the restaurant. The kids tasted everything with us and they also enjoyed it, for them the highlight was the milkshake that they reluctantly shared with each other and a few sips with us. My granny was also with us and we had anticipated her not liking such a different type of food variety as she is usually very apprehensive to try out new food. She also really enjoyed the food and was absolutely taken aback by the exceptional service. She also asked many questions and the waitress answered all of her queries and questions in a warm friendly manner. 

Nonnas UmhlangaNonnas Umhlanga


Taking my granny with made me realise how we are so fortunate to have our elders with us and how they also enjoy new experiences and being spoilt by us once in a while. By taking them to a restaurant that provides such great service it really means a lot to them.




The location and atmosphere of Nonnas is really superb. The portions were generous and the food was divine. At Nonnas you will definitely have a 5 star experience. Excellent and friendly service coupled with a really wide menu of the highest quality food. 


*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Nonnas Umhlanga. All views expressed are strictly our own and were not influenced by any external parties.*


Address: Shop 5 Protea Mall

                      Corner Chartwell and Lighthouse Road

                      Umhlanga Rocks




Phone: 031 561 2115



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