Mochachos Overport

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Mochachos is located in Felix Dlamini road in the Overport area in Durban, South Africa.

Mochachos Overport


Our experience


At Mochachos we had the family feast and an additional 2 chicken burgers. The family feast comes with a full chicken, large chips, a salad and 4 rolls. The food was really tasty and the spice was perfect. The food portions were really generous. The chips at Mochachos are absolutely amazing and ranks high on my list of places that have amazing chips. The rolls and salad added a nice touch to complete the meal. The burgers at Mochachos are always good and is my favourite item on the menu. The chicken is juicy and full of flavour. The sauces in the burger is something else. You have to try out their food and burgers to know exactly what I am describing.

Mochachos OverportMochachos Overport


This time we had the food take-away and needless to say, it still retained its amazing taste. They also have ample seating space inside if you wish to eat there. 

Mochachos OverportMochachos Overport



Exceptional quality, great taste and generous portion sizes that are perfect for the entire family. There is also a branch at the Durban beachfront that you can try. Both are halaal certified and muslim owned and you are guaranteed to have a quality meal. For convenience you may also order Mochachos through Uber Eats and Mr Delivery.


*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Mochachos Overport. All views expressed are strictly our own and were not influenced by any external parties.*


Address: 358 Felix Dlamini Road



Phone: Overport (031)207 8636 

             Beachfront (031)368 7242


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