Farah from Johannesburg, South Africa

 1. What is your name and where are you from? (Country, City). (Current city where you are spending this Ramadaan).

Salam! My name is Farah and my husband and I are originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. We currently live in Kuala Lumpur, but long story short, we ended up spending the first few days of Ramadan in Dubai, and then the last 10 days in a quarantine center in Kuala Lumpur with 4 more days to go!

2. Can you tell us if you are in lockdown? How strict is the lockdown? What are you allowed to do in terms of movement?

Both Malaysia and Dubai were/are in lockdown mode, however, both have eased restrictions a lot, Malaysia more so than Dubai. Everything is basically open here in Kuala Lumpur but mass gatherings are still discouraged and masks and social distancing are still encouraged. We can go out for a meal in Kuala Lumpur once we are out of the quarantine center as long as we follow the rules. The difficult thing in Dubai was that even though they began opening malls and restaurants, children under the age of 12 were not allowed out, so it was basically like the lockdown had continued for us.

3. Being under these lockdown conditions is sure to have made this Ramadaan different from previous Ramadaans. Can you tell us how this Ramadaan is different? Things that you had done previously in Ramadaan and now due to the lockdown you cannot do these activities?


Tell me about it! We have had quite the adventure so far this Ramadan, but honestly just being together makes it similar to previous ones for us. I love to cook, so for past iftaars I always had home food prepared. We luckily had a kitchen in the hotel we were in in Dubai, but at the quarantine center in Malaysia they bring us food so that’s been a huge change for us obviously. The cuisine is totally different from what we are used to, but alhumdulilah we are so blessed to have these meals and to be sharing them together.

4. Can you share a positive message/ impact that spending Ramadaan under these new conditions has brought about for you and/or your country? 

Despite the obstacles, Ramadaan has been wonderful this year because my husband has been home with us the whole time. This helps so much with finding time to read the Quran and focus more on prayers because one of us can keep the girls occupied and switch later on in the day.


Thank you Farah for sharing with us a glimpse of how this Ramadaan has been for your family.

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