Lower Tokai Park

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The Lower Tokai park is part of the Tokai Park, previously known as the “Tokai Forest”. Tokai Park consists of two sections: The Lower Tokai Park and the Upper Tokai Park. The upper Tokai Park is located on the slopes of the Constantiaberg Mountain. 


Our Experience of Lower Tokai Park: 


Lower Tokai Park is kid friendly, with wide flat pathways throughout the park. This makes it easy for kids to walk or cycle here. Below are pictures of the terrain and of the park. There is also a horse trail and we got to see a few riders on their horses. We also saw kids of all ages riding their bikes, scooters or just walking through the park. The Lower Tokai Park made for an epic adventure and a fun Sunday morning cycle. 


Lower Tokai Park

Lower Tokai Park


Tip: The earlier you go the quieter it will be (based on our experience). We got to the park around 10am and left at around 12:15. We did feel as if the park was relatively quieter when we first got there and by the time we left it was starting to get busy. 


Lower Tokai Park

Lower Tokai Park


Have you been to this park? Let us know how your experience was in the comments below. Have you been to the Tokai Upper Park? 


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