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Ramadaan Around the Globe 2021 (1442): Ramadaan and Eid Traditions

Written by Abdul

What is the one tradition you look forward to the most during Ramadaan?

We hike up the hills behind our house and try to sight the new Ramadan moon the night Ramadan is set to start. We pack hot cocoa, Arabic tea, cookies and Arabic sweets and prayer rugs. We pray Maghreb at the top and then We try to sight the moon and when we do it’s super exciting!! We also bring fire crackers and noise makers and celebrate, hugging each other and wishing each other Ramadan Mubarak. We then have our little picnic and hike back down in the dark. It’s really fun for the kids and gets us excited for the month.

Ramadaan Moon


Is this a tradition that you had grown up doing as a kid or is this a new tradition?

Neither of us had this tradition as a kid, we started it together when our daughter was young. We started inviting friends to join us and spread the tradition bigger. 



What do you typically eat for sehri (suhoor) and iftaar during Ramadaan?

For iftar we always have a soup (either lentil or a Tunisian soup called “Lisan al-osfoor “ which means bird tongue soup but it doesn’t have any bird tongue in it ). We also have something fried with it – either samboussa or Tunisian briek and then we go pray Maghreb and later have a bigger dinner which is just whatever main dish I cook that day. For sahoor we have protein shakes or oatmeal or cereal or pastries or sometimes we choose sleep over food and don’t even wake up lol we are not big sahoor eaters.



What are some of the Eid traditions that you do in your home?

For Eid we go to the masjid as a family. Sumaya makes a huge brunch for us to eat when we get home. We open presents. And then we chill. Usually in the afternoon we go out somewhere fun like Disneyland or another amusement park.

Ramadaan Family Pic


Is this a tradition you have grown up with or is it something new?

This is also new. Something we started together. Neither of us have family near us in Los Angeles so we’ve made our own traditions. In Tunisia mostly women and children don’t even go for Eid prayers, but that was something important for us so we made it happen here and our day revolves around the prayers in the morning. We even chant takbeerat as loud as we can with the windows down on the way to the masjid lol.


Is there anything else you would like to add that may be relevant to this topic?

We decorate our whole house inside and outside for the month. We also have a huge moon and Star calendar on the wall filled with pockets and we put a small toy or treat for the kids in each pocket for them to open each night.


Ramadaan Calendar


Jazakallah for your contribution to this Ramadaan series of 2021 (1442). In each article we learn so much about how we all celebrate the wonderful month of Ramadaan and the joys experienced on the day of Eid.

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