Laser Rush Ballito

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Laser Rush is located at the Sugar Rush Park in Ballito near Durban, South Africa.


Our experience


This was another ultimately fun activity we did with the kids.The battle field with all the hiding places made this activity intriguing. There is no age restriction for the kids, if the child can hold the gun they can play the game. My 6 year old son managed perfectly and had a blast here. This was one of the highlights of our Durban trip for him. However, my 4 year old daughter got tired of holding the gun so she left it on the ground and just ran around with us. The baby was in the pram sleeping so it was perfect. We kept an eye on her while still being in the game.

Laser RushLaser Rush


The entire game is outdoors with MANY places to hide making it really interesting and fun. There is a nice seating area for non-players, providing a good view of the players. 

Laser RushLaser Rush


The staff were also absolutely amazing. Explaining the instructions of where to aim and how to shoot so well and were so patient with us and our questions. They were also friendly, efficient and involved in making this experience much more fun. They suggested games for us to play and at one point they joined in the game and had fun with us. 

Laser RushLaser Rush




This is an exceptionally fun filled activity. You don’t even need to go with a big group to have fun. We really loved the experience and the activity. Have you guys been to any laser shooting places anywhere else in South Africa or abroad? Let us know in the comments below of any that you guys have been to. We would love to do it again. 


*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Laser Rush Ballito. All views expressed are strictly our own and were not influenced by any external parties.*


Address: Sugar Rush Park

                 Esenembe Road

                 Ballito, Dolphin Coast

Phone: 083 233 5165


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