Keurboom Park

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This amazing park is situated in the heart of the Southern Suburbs. It is just 17 km from the Cape Town International Airport and 10 km from the Cape Town CBD. This park really has some amazing features unlike any other in Cape Town.


As you enter the park you step onto a huge space of lush grass which is extremely well maintained. You will see families playing cricket and soccer or even just enjoying a beautiful picnic on a lovely summer’s day.




Adjacent to this you will find a scenic running path which many runners and cyclists enjoy. On this path you will come across a beautiful stream, 2 mini parks for the kids as well as a skate park.




There is another skate park which kids can enjoy that is situated directly next to the parking area. Many kids also ride their bicycles at this skate park as it is larger than the one along the running path.




Just a note that many dog owners bring their dogs to play with them in the park. These dogs are very friendly and do not come in your way.


The diversity of activities you may enjoy at the Keurboom park and its surroundings are second to none. It boasts a lovely family friendly atmosphere and makes for a lovely fun afternoon with the kids.


Have you been to Keurboom park and what was your experience like?

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