Jana Ice Tea and The Alphen Trail



The Alphen Trail is situated in Constantia, Cape Town and forms part of the Constantia Greenbelt hiking trails. You can begin the hike from Alphen Drive or Le Seur Avenue.

Our experience


We parked in the parking area adjacent to the start of the walk in Alphen Drive. A short distance from where we parked the car, the trail started. This trail didn’t really have much inclines. We managed to walk till the end of the trail. Thus far from all the hikes we have done (Cecilia Forest, Pipe Track, Helderberg Nature Reserve) this was by far the easiest, yet it was extremely enjoyable. All along the path we walked along the river. The sound of the river gushing and the fresh air made this hike really peaceful. The kids loved being able to run freely and we never have to supervise or tell them to watch how they were walking.

Alphen TrailAlphen Trail


Lots of people bring their dogs here for walks so there were probably as many dogs here as there were people. They had these boulders that the kids enjoyed climbing up which was really fun. There are also benches along the route so you can easily take mini breaks and eat some snacks to regain your energy while the kids run around. There is a nice spot where the kids can play in the water.

Alphen TrailAlphen Trail


We spotted some people riding horses along the route. This walk is along the Constantia Green Belt and is really beautiful.




Normally on hikes we pack energy bars and water to carry along with us. We also carry a picnic bag that stays in the car as we all usually starving after the hike. So after this hike we got out our camping chairs and had a mini picnic by the car after the hike. If we do this hike again however, we would rather carry our picnic bag with us and have a picnic by the river.

Jana Ice Tea


We had Jana Ice Tea with us in our picnic bag along with some mini pizzas, fruit and yoghurt. The iced tea was perfect at the end of the hike. We had the peach and forest fruit and cranberry flavours. They were both amazing. The forest fruit and cranberry had a subtle taste while the peach flavour was more distinct. What I loved about this Iced Tea was that it was not too sweet so we could actually taste the flavours.

Jana Ice Tea


Jana Ice Tea is a Croatian brand of ice tea and is available countrywide. For more information visit https://www.instagram.com/janaiceteaza/


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