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Ramadaan Around the Globe 2021 (1442): Ramadaan and Eid Traditions

Written by Taskeen

What is the one tradition you look forward to the most during Ramadaan?

Ending the day with “Ramadan activities” with the children – that includes reading from their story book, colouring pages related to Ramadan theme and choosing the daily good action  to fill up their “good deeds tree”.



Is this a tradition that you had grown up doing as a kid or is this a new tradition?

It’s a new tradition since the kids are a bit bigger (4, 2.5 years old) and able to fully participate. They look forward to it every day as it’s also a time to relax and bond together


What do you typically eat for sehri (suhoor) and iftaar during Ramadaan?

Suhoor – only once my tummy has adjusted to fasting after a few days do I find myself able to eat much! Then I mix it up with eggs, toast, oats, banana fry on different days. I do like to have yoghurt and fruit every day and of course lots of water.

For iftaar – In Istanbul, we cannot go to the nearest store and pick up a dozen of samosas like back in SA !! Therefore its hard work to make everything from scratch and we do not usually have savouries every day- which is a healthier option I guess. We eat a main dish as normal and haleem very often in the month. Occasionally I make traditional south African desserts like falooda or firni -otherwise we have Turkish desserts like muhallabiye or trilece.



What are some of the Eid traditions that you do in your home?

Every Eid since I’ve been living in Istanbul has been different Alhamdulillah! Our day has been a mix of typical South African traditions we did growing up as well as joining other expats here to celebrate together and make new traditions. We usually start the day with a family breakfast where we would have pies, Eid milk and a sweet treat on the table. Sometimes we meet at a friend’s house for lunch (pre-pandemic) or we have also met at a restaurant once to enjoy the buzz of the busy Old City in Sultanahmet for a change. We exchange gifts, the kids are happy to play with their friends. We spend a lot of time on video call during the day catching up with family back home.



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