Helderberg Nature Reserve

The Helderberg Nature Reserve is located only 34 km from the Cape Town International Airport. There is a small entrance fee that you will have to pay before entering the nature reserve. There were no card facilities so the fee had to be paid with cash.


Once you enter the nature reserve you will be surrounded by lush green picnic spots. The picnic spots are mostly shaded by trees but it would be advisable to bring your own umbrella or gazebo just in case all the shady spots under the trees are already taken. There is ample space for kids to run around and play while you can relax and enjoy your picnic. There is also a small jungle gym that the kids can play on.The nature reserve has a small coffee shop. However the shop is not halaal. There is also a small gift shop with curios.


helderberg nature reservehelderberg nature reserve


As you drive further into the nature reserve there are hiking trails that you could do. We did the sugarbird walk which had a distance of 2.2km. Just before the actual hiking trails there is a decked pathway that you can walk around. We thought that was the start of our hike and once we had walked around it and came back to where we started did we realise that the pathway we needed to take to begin our hike was just a few steps away from that deck. The walk around the deck was very easy as the deck is nice and broad, even my 3 year old managed the entire walk. In the middle of the deck is a dam. The dam is full of lily pads and an array of plants and beautiful flowers. We marvelled at the beauty of Allah’s creation as we were walking and seeing different coloured plants and flowers. We even saw some beautiful butterflies and dragonflies. The kids were mesmerized seeing these creations that we had only previously read about in books.


helderberg nature reservehelderberg nature reserve


Once we got onto our hiking trail the scenery transformed completely from that of the scenery around the dam. The hike became a gradual inclined walkway. We were surrounded by plants and trees. The hiking route was easy, the pathway was well maintained and the incline was minimal and gradual. Once you reach the highest point of the route the views were breathtaking. We had the view of the ocean and the trees in front of us and the clouds and mountains behind us as we approached a beautiful pathway.

helderberg nature reservehelderberg nature reserve


Overall it was a an easy hike and the pathway was very well maintained. I would highly recommend this hike as a beginner hike that is suitable for the entire family. Apply sunblock, wear sun hats and carry lots of water with you on this hike. After the hike you can indulge in a picnic on the grass in the nature reserve.


There are a few more hiking trails which have different levels of difficulty. For more information on these hikes visit https://helderbergnaturereserve.co.za/the-reserve/walking-trails/


Please comment on any of these hikes if you have been there and let us know what your experiences were like.


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