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HangTime has 2 branches. One in Pinelands and one in Bellville. We have visited the Bellville branch. The Pinelands branch is 14 km from the airport while Bellville is 12 km. Other fun activities near the HangTime in Bellville are Cool Runnings and the Bellville Stodels.

Our Experience

Visiting HangTime was my first time at a climbing gym. When entering the gym and looking at the size of the walls I felt intimidated as I have never climbed before. However, I was immediately put at ease by one of the friendly staff members.

Pricing InformationKids Walll


Once I was ready and strapped up into my gear a staff member explained the rules of climbing which was very simple to implement. You get special shoes to wear which are excellent for climbing. It provides amazing grip on the surface when you are climbing.


Climbing WallRoute Grading


I got started with the smaller walls and after a few climbs I proceeded to the bigger ones. I grew in confidence with every climb and really enjoyed the challenge the bigger walls presented.


Beginner WallBig Wall



There is no restriction on height, weight, shape or size. As long as you can climb you are most welcome. My son and daughter ( 6 and 4) enjoyed climbing the smaller walls for which no rope or special shoes was needed.



HangTime also does kids parties and team building. You may visit their website for further information on pricing and memberships available.

Overall it was a really enjoyable experience. The staff are extremely friendly and make you feel safe and comfortable at all times. I would love to go again to attempt the advanced walls which reach a height of about 13m.

For the locals HangTime offers monthly memberships as well as day passes. The day pass allows you to climb for the entire day coming in and out as you please.

Have you been to HangTime before? What was your experience like?


Address: 2 Pioneer Street


                 Cape Town


Phone: 074 134 8981

Email: climb@hangtime.co.za

Website: https://www.hangtime.co.za/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hangtimegym/

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