Halaal Coffee Shops in Cape Town

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The Coffee Lounge


This list is in alphabetical order:

 – Against the Grain – Bokaap

 – Bootlegger Coffee : Three Anchor Bay

 – Dolce Bakery : Observatory

 – Mugg & Bean : Kenilworth Centre

 – Tashreeqas Restaurant – Crawford

 – The Coffee Lounge – Century City

 – Timbuktu Coffee – Sybrand Park

 – Vida e Caffe – RMC & Belgravia


My favourite part of a coffee shop is the smell of the rich, delectable aroma of strongly brewed coffee.

Many of my mornings last year was spent in a coffee shop finishing up my thesis. The atmosphere was conducive to a productive session of work. Those days now seem so farfetched. 

Each of the coffee shops I have ever been to has come with its own unique atmosphere and has served to engrave a myriad of memories and moments with friends and family that I cherish.

Pictured above is a CBD coffee from The Coffee Lounge in Cape Town. The taste of this coffee ranks high on my list of favourites. 

What is it about a coffee shop that you love? If you had to choose one coffee shop that is your personal favourite, what would it be and where in the world is it located?

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