From Canada to Australia

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What is your name?

Amina Khan

What country were you born in?


What job did you have in your home country? 

Entrepreneur, Health Educator,  Online Fitness Instructor, PhD Student

How long have you been living in your new country for?

5 years (in Australia)

Did you immigrate alone or with your family and kids?

With my husband


What is your job in your new country?

I’ve continued my work as an Entrepreneur, Health Educator, Online Fitness Instructor, PhD Student


What do you enjoy about your new country?

The nature

The weather – no winter!

The culture – more laid back work-life balance in Australia than in Canada

The wildlife is better in Australia

Domestic travel is cheaper with a huge range of possibilities to explore

International travel opportunities are incredible in Australia. New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore are close and airfare is reasonable. Looking forward to travel again when covid restrictions lift inshAllah.

What do you miss the most about your home country?



Community: the Muslim community is smaller in our city (Brisbane) in Australia so there are less opportunities and events. But, that can make for more personal connections. And, in Sydney or Melbourne the Muslim community is bigger.


Online shopping is a little worse/limited in Australia but it is catching up!


What advice would you give someone that is contemplating to immigrate to the country you have immigrated to?


Go for it! Especially if you are an outdoorsy type of person and want better weather year-long. Australia is amazing to explore and comfortable to make your home. The culture is similar enough so you won’t have a culture shock and can acclimatize easily. But, the culture is also more laid back with a big push to get into nature frequently, which creates better work-life balance. Australians are generally very friendly. There’s lots of expats in Australia from so many different cultures and countries so I’m sure you will find communities to fit right into, as well.

What challenges, if any, would you advise them to anticipate based on your experiences when you first moved to your new country?

Regular challenges of moving to a new country

Australia is so far away from Canada/USA so it may be hard to visit family frequently if that is a concern.


What advice would you give them to overcome those challenges based on how you overcame them?

I truly enjoyed the process of moving with my husband – it was a great challenge to overcome together. Connect with the local Muslim community immediately to establish a sense of belonging – Aussie Muslims are so friendly and welcoming. 


How was the visa process for immigrating to your new country?

Ours was a little different due to our education pathway so I’m not sure what the visa process would be for applicants in different situations. 


How is the cost of living in the new country compared to your home country?

Cost of living is a little bit higher in Australia. Groceries are slightly more expensive and rent in the main Australian cities can get expensive. But, the minimum wage in Australia is also higher than many other countries.


Anything else you would like to add, or any advice you would like to give to anyone that is contemplating moving to your new country?

If you want to add more nature, adventure, exploration, and beautiful weather into your life, Australia may be a great fit! Be sure to come ready to spend time outdoors and get excited for beach time, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, coastal walks, bush walks, and discovering a whole new set of active hobbies.

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This article was written by Amina Khan of @amanahfitness.

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