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Flag Animal Farm is located between Stanger and Ballito in Durban, South Africa.




It was a beautiful sunny day at the Flag Animal Farm. The kids were really excited to see the animals and the exciting lineup of shows for the day. See the website to see what shows are on for the day when you visit as the shows vary.


As we went through the entrance there was a reptile section where we saw some snakes. Once we went through that section, we entered the main section where there were boards with different characters that the kids can take pictures at. This was quite fun as the boards were of all the kids favourite cartoon characters and they had such fun sticking their heads through the poster boards. There are more boards like these throughout the park as well.

Flag Animal Farm


Thereafter we headed into the park to see all the animals and attend all the shows. The show times are up on their website so be sure to check that out before you go. Staff members also ring a bell to inform you before there is a show and in which part of the farm the show will be held at. 

Flag Animal Farm


There were also jungle gyms, pony rides and train rides which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. A really nice feature of this farm was the many indoor play areas, making this farm accessible in all weather conditions. These areas are so convenient as there is a seating area where you can have a picnic while the kids are playing.

Flag Animal FarmFlag Animal Farm


The shows that are run throughout the day are really interactive and fun for the kids. My kids really enjoyed meeting baby shark, some paw patrol characters and Barney. One of the highlights was definitely the milking show. All kids who wanted to take part stood in a queue and had a chance to milk the cow. It was really an amazing experience for them.

Flag Animal FarmFlag Animal Farm

You can easily make a day out of this animal adventure. 


I was really happy that there were prayer facilities on site. There were separate facilities for men and ladies with a place to make ablution in each. Carry your own burkah (prayer garment) if you need to use it as this was not in the prayer room.

Flag Animal Farm


There is also a coffee shop which is halaal certified. However, we did not try anything from there. If you have tried anything or have any recommendations on what is nice, please let us know in the comments section.

Flag Animal FarmFlag Animal Farm




We really had an enjoyable time at the Flag Animal Farm. The variety of animals, character shows and play areas available was mind blowing. They also have pony rides for the kids, jumping castles, and an automated train ride. Our kids loved it here and really never wanted to leave when we said it was time to go. 


*Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Flag Animal Farm. All views expressed are strictly our own and were not influenced by any external parties.*


Address: Sheffield Beach Road



Website: www.flaganimalfarm.co.za

Phone: 032 947 2018

 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flag_animal_farm/

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