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The Elephants Eye hike starts in the Silvermine Nature Reserve in Cape Town, South Africa.


It was a beautiful Sunday morning with hardly any clouds around and a gentle breeze. Perfect weather to enjoy a scenic morning hike to the Elephant’s Eye cave. This was a hike that had been on our list for quite some time. 


Elephants Eye


When doing a new hike we sometimes end up getting lost or at each turn we take we usually stop and randomly have to choose the way to go. As soon as we see the terrain looking a bit hectic for the kids we would turn around and make our way back to the car. 

Elephants Eye



However, this hike was very different from all our previous hiking experiences. So what made this hike different? 

For this hike we had a guide with us. The guide was from a company called Adventure Rocks Cape Town. Would we have completed this hike had we done it on our own? Definitely not.

The hike started with a gentle incline for most of the way, not strenuous at all. Our guide, Khalid was extremely professional, and highly knowledgeable. We asked him many questions throughout the hike, which he answered in as much detail as we required displaying his expert knowledge and passion for hiking and nature. He would even point things out to us without us asking. We learnt about many types of rocks, flowers and various other aspects during the hike that we found really interesting. 

Elephants Eye

As we approached the sign that pointed us in the direction of the Elephants Eye cave, much to our surprise, Khalid lead us straight past the sign as he wanted to show us a viewpoint. This viewpoint literally took our breath away. The view was mesmerising. We could actually see the Hout Bay boats and Chapmans Peak drive. Here again Khalid pointed out many landmarks in Hout Bay that we were sure to miss had we been on our own.


Elephants Eye


Thereafter he lead us to a second viewpoint. At the second viewpoint we had a lovely view of some vineyards and the Tokai forest. Here we sat for a bit and enjoyed some snacks. We then proceeded to the Elephants Eye cave. As we approached the cave it got quite steep but it was for a short duration only. Khalid kept us all close together and guided us along the way. Had we been on our own at this point we would have turned around and made our way back to the car. However, as Khalid was with us we kept on going. There was not a single point where we felt scared despite this being one of the most scariest hikes that we have done with the kids. Khalid was really patient with us and was aware of all of us throughout the hike and took the circumstances into consideration every step of the way.


Elephants Eye


For this hike we had our 3 kids ages 7, 4 and 2 with us as well as my parents. My parents do walk regularly and my kids are very active as well. My husband and I run on a regular basis. So for this hike you would need to be moderately fit as the total distance of this hike was around 9.3km (including the viewpoints) and took us 4 hours to complete. 


Elephants Eye



We were really impressed with the professionalism displayed by Khalid. The service was nothing short of excellent. We would highly recommend using Adventure Rocks for any hikes you would like to do, whether it is a family walk, a day hike, an adventure hike or even an overnight hike. Based on our experience, having Khalid guiding us on this hike had proved to be invaluable. The hike was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us and I’m pretty sure the next time we go on a hike my kids are going to be asking, “Why is uncle Khalid not doing this hike with us?”


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