Deer Park Hike

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Deer Park is located in Vredehoek, Cape Town. It is less than 5 minutes from the City Centre.


This a lovely kid friendly easy hike. There is not much shade so if you start the hike late it won’t be as enjoyable. Also it does tend to get very busy later on. So try and go as early as you can. They say on the board and online that you can start the hike from 7 am. We got there around 7.30am and the parking lot was quite empty with maybe 2 or 3 other cars. But when we finished the hike at around 9am the parking lot was full.

During our hike we hardly saw anyone and it was so pleasing to find that each and every person that we did pass, all had their masks on. 

Deer Park

We took a slight detour path that lead us up to table mountain road near to the Platteklip Gorge Starting Point. That’s where we got the most epic views of the city.

Deer Park Route


If this is your first hike with kids I wouldn’t recommend you take this path as it was extremely rocky and quite steep. But if you have done other hikes and your kids are used to hiking and watching where they walk then I think it should be fine.

Deer Park

Also remember to stop and look up or look behind you and admire the views and Allah’s magnificent creation. I say this because with this hike we actually got so caught up with watching where we were walking that only when my 5 year old stopped to play with some rocks we ended up looking up at the views of the mountains, the sea and the city and it was really breathtaking. We were glad that she needed the slight break because otherwise we would have most certainly missed the amazing views.

Deer Park

There were a few other pathways that we would love to explore. That’s the beauty of going on hikes, there is always more to explore.

Deer Park

Have you done this hike before? How was your experience?

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