Crepe Town



Crepe Town is a catering service based in Cape Town. They also do pop-ins at various markets. 


Our Experience


Discover a fine part of french heritage by giving Crepe Town a try. This is exactly what we did and it was absolutely amazing. We tried the sweet plain crepe as well as the vegan/savoury crepes (galettes – savoury made with buckwheat flour).


The first taste we had of Crepe Town was the savoury crepe (galette) on a Saturday morning for breakfast. We had it with eggs and spinach and it was simply divine. It was really filling and large in size. We actually got full from eating just one galette. 

Crepe Town


Next up was the sweet crepe which we had with peanut butter and honey. It was so tasty. I loved the fact that it did not taste too sweet. In this way we could actually taste the quality of the ingredients with which it is made. Each crepe was huge, I cut and divided it into 4 portion sizes. The crepes were also very filling. It tasted nothing like any of the crepes I have ever tasted or made at home. 

Crepe TownCrepe Town


The crepes and galettes come in vacuum sealed packets. These packets are well packaged making it easy to travel with if you want to take them on a holiday or weekend getaway. 


We took some crepes with us as a snack for the kids at a park and half of it was already eaten in the car.

Crepe TownCrepe Town


The crepes are cooked from a home in Cape Town. No pork or gelatine is included which is really great, making it suitable for muslims to enjoy.




The possibilities of enjoying your crepes and galettes are endless. You may add whatever toppings you like. With these crepes and galettes you can taste that it is really different. These authentic recipes come from the owners family and she is excited to be able to share her french heritage here in Cape Town.


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