Crawfords Halaal Biltong

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When travelling with kids, snacks are usually one of the first things I worry about packing. Even if we go out exploring for the day, the first thing I pack is snacks. We are trying really hard to eliminate unhealthy snacks. We now limit the amount of biscuits and chips we buy. But replacing it with healthy snacks that taste great and actually keep us full was the challenge. So we did some research and we learnt that having protein or nuts with fruits will actually work in keeping us all fuller for longer. So when travelling we tried to maintain our healthy snacking. And this actually, for the first time, worked out amazingly. We found a protein snack that could compliment our fruit and one of the best parts of this snack was that we all loved it. So I never have to worry about packing different snack options. 

Crawfords BiltongCrawfords Biltong


Crawfords Biltong accompanied us wherever we went exploring. It is soft, tasty beef biltong that is made in Cape Town. The biltong is vacuum sealed and stayed fresh for the entire duration of this trip. The small packs make it so easy to carry around with us. We took our biltong to Umhlanga Sands and Flag Animal Farm, among other places. The snapstix we used on the plane both going and when we were coming back. This had an added benefit for us with our 18 month old. It actually kept her busy for a long time while she ate it. And she always made sure to finish it whenever we gave it to her. This was a life-saver and a game changer for us. 

Crawfords BiltongCrawfords Biltong


Even while driving to and from our destinations in Durban it was so easy to snack on the biltong in the car. Each pack that we opened tasted really fresh with absolutely no trace of even a single bit of fat. There was mild as well as spicy biltong. Since we enjoy spicy things we enjoyed the spicy biltong a lot more than the plain flavour. The kids, however, loved the plain ones. 




For exceptional quality and great tasting biltong give Crawfords Biltong a try. If you would like to purchase some of this really great tasting Crawfords Biltong, the process of ordering is really simple. You can DM them on Instagram or send them a Whatsapp message. They even have a delivery service which is really convenient.




Contact: 079 524 1692