Comprehensive list of Halaal restaurants in and around Durban, South Africa

Durban Restaurants


Last updated: 29 November 2019


This is a comprehensive list of many Halaal restaurants in and around Durban. This list is in no particular order. Let’s make this list dynamic and update it together. There are just so many Halaal eating places in Durban. To make this list as comprehensive as it can be we need your assistance. Please leave your comments of restaurants you have eaten at that are Halaal and that you enjoyed.





Overport, Berea, Morningside





  • Fego Caffe – Westwood Mall
  • Mimmos – Westwood Mall
  • Jimmy’s Killer Prawns – Westwood Mall
  • Ninos – Westwood Mall
  • Jmo’s – Westwood Mall
  • Wimpy – Westwood Mall
  • Simply Asia – Westwood Mall
  • Debonairs – Westwood Mall
  • KFC – Westwood Mall
  • Nandos – Westwood Mall


Durban North





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  2. Hi,I’m looking for Halall Take away in Umhlanga or Gateway that sells Shall & Rice,From Muslim Take away only.

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