Coffee in South Africa’s Garden Route

Hello and welcome to HalaalTravels Flight 221. If you’re into coffee, you’re on the right link. Please remain decaffeinated until you have reached the end of this flight. Be careful when opening the lids of takeaway coffee cups, as you may experience spills. This flight will take you on a coffee tour along the garden route- one of South Africa’s most pristine routes attracting flocks of tourists annually. Only this time, those tourists are not around.



Beans About Coffee is located just as you enter Oudtshoorn travelling on the N12 from Beaufort West. It is a large coffee shop with both indoor and spacious outdoor seating. Located on High street, the outdoor seating provides for viewing pleasure of perfectly manicured gardens with majestic trees surrounding Dutch-style buildings. After a long drive from Beaufort West (where we had coffee from the place with the clown!), the coffee and the view was what I needed to regain energy before heading up the hill to the caves.

In the event of a loss of fresh full fat milk, these six packs of long life milk will drop down from the supermarket aisle. It won’t deliver creamy lattes, but there is enough milk in there for a decent froth, I promise.

Beans About Coffee


Howzit, Wilderness!

Found along the highway, easy to miss but a treat to stop at, is Pause coffee roastery. It is located in a pad stal set up, with various other stores including a restaurant and gift shop. After you have ordered your cuppa, I would forgive you for ordering cakes too. While waiting for my coffee, I noticed how extremely popular the baking section is. Brownies and tarts flying out of the fridge and almost immediately being restocked. Only sign I need that its good!

If you are sitting next to a tea-drinker, please do us all a favour and pour your own milk first. These are the people who brew but don’t froth. We disengage them at every opportunity.

Pause Coffee


Let’s drink Knysna

We stayed on one of Knysna’s residential islands. YES! Knysna is not only stunning, but offers island accommodation too! I pretended we were back in Maldives, sipping ice coffees with freshly baked bread and all the chocolate spreads. I digress. Coffee Craft is located on Leisure Ilse and opens very early for the discerning fitness enthusiast. Take a moment to stroll around the store while waiting for your coffee, you might want to grab some nougat and chocolates for the day’s snacks. We took our coffee and headed out to the heads.

In the pamphlet in the seat pocket in front of you, is a guide about how much of a coffee snob you are. Please take it out and familiarize yourself with how many shots per day is too much depending on physical and mental activity. I like to read and ignore. Please do so now.

Coffee Craft


The valley of Nature

Naturesway farm stall was a relaxing stop after hours of driving and stopping at ALL the viewpoints- but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Coffee is taken seriously at this padstal. It’s a separate kiosk right at the entrance. Wait, hang on, its Mastertons Tstitsikamma…. Aaaah that’s why the VIP treatment. The gardens are also beautiful dotted with other little businesses selling odds and ends. Be sure to grab some farm fresh butter, cream, jam, etc.

Link to Nature’s way farm stall post:

Take a moment to ensure an all-round quality shot of espresso: Tilt your cup at a 45 degree angle, then watch the crema stretch, and return to an even layer when holding the cup right again. Please remain seated with your crema firmly in place until the crema lights have been switched off.



After maxing out your credit card at all those overpriced “factory stores” beside the beach in Jeffrey’s Bay, head over to InFood for a latte rendering the perfect crema. Relax on the deck, enjoy the good coffee, then take a walk around the store to marvel at the fancy machines.

Link to Infood post:

There is no single shots on this flight. There is also no single shots in the lavatories. If we smell weak coffee, we will assume you have gone decaf on us and evacuate you mid-air. This is a free service.


Gqeberha – Now you try to pronounce it!

You know you’ve got to head straight to Masterton’s in Walmer. It is located on a busy road, easy to miss. From the moment you open your car door – nevermind walking inside – you’re already welcomed with the sweet, sweet aroma of damn good coffee! Pop inside the huge and spacious store, peep through the glass window and watch them roast your beans. They also have tons of paraphernalia for a casual browse. We bought most of our coffee from the trip at this store.

We will be turning off the cabin lights shortly. Feel free to turn on your reading lights. Be aware however, that you may get awful glances from those sitting next to you. Glances much like the ones we often give when people do stupid stuff like swop out normal milk for almond milk. Like what!!?


Located a stone throw away from PE… oops I meant Gqeberha. If you find yourself in this garden town right at the end of your trip, stop at Agape coffee shop before heading to the Groendal Wilderness area. Its either this or that place with the clown, what a joke I tell ya! A Master barista brewing Mastertons too!


We’re glad to have you with us on board this flight that will remain grounded, due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has curtailed air travel significantly. Now that you’ve got the deets, mark down those dates, loads of Vitality Collection hotels on the route, and prepare yourself for a coffee tour along the beautiful South African coast line.


Link to post with all the coffee we bought on this trip:

Written by Reyhana (za_foodie)