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Cecilia Forest is a beautiful section of the Table Mountain National Park located to the south of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. The hiking path starts at the Cecilia Forest car park which is 22km from the Cape Town International Airport.


Our Experience


The route is child friendly as the pathways are wide. There are many route options you could explore which makes this hike very exciting for kids as it becomes an adventure. The hike is not strenuous at all and a beginner will definitely manage. There are a few parts where you could choose to go up some steps which would be a bit more challenging, however, you can avoid these routes should you not feel up to it.


Cecilia Forest 1Cecilia Forest 2


The hike is mostly in the shade so even on a hot day you can enjoy this hike without burning up. At one point we came across a small stream which the kids could touch and that was really fun for them. The pathway leading down from the stream we have heard is really beautiful as it goes along the stream. We took the pathway that leads up the stream. On our next hiking adventure we plan on trying out the pathway leading down the stream. I had my 1 year old in a back carrier (I use a K-way hiking carrier which is amazing) and my son and daughter (6 and 4) managed this hike quite well.


Cecilia Forest 3Cecilia Forest 4


The distance and duration of this hike is totally up to you as there are many different paths you can take to increase the distance and intensity. If you are tired it is very easy to just turn around and head back to the car park. The route is not complex at all and it is very easy to trace back your steps.




Overall it is a beautiful family hike that will surely give your kids hours of fun. You can go at your own pace and just enjoy the beautiful scenery that Cecilia Forest has to offer.


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