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Trent Daley from Muslims of Canada


1. What is your name and where are you from? (Country, City).


My name is Trent Daley and I live in Canada in the city of Edmonton. I am the Vice President of      Integration and Program Development for the Alberta Muslims Public Affairs Council – AMPAC

2. Can you tell us if you are in lockdown? How strict is the lockdown? What are you allowed to do in terms of movement?Currently, my province has been under lockdown for weeks. We are currently beginning to reopen our economy in phases, but places of worship and many local businesses are facing very strict operating procedures and limits on public gatherings.

3.Being under these lockdown conditions is sure to have made this Ramadaan different from previous Ramadaans. Can you tell us how this Ramadaan is different? Things that you had done previously in Ramadaan and now due to the lockdown you cannot do these activities?

This Ramadan has been extremely different. Community Iftaar at the masajid is not happening, taraweeh prayers are not happening. People are encouraged to stay within their households and to not gather or attends the household of another. This is challenging, as we must now adapt to moving the warmth of our community into the digital sphere and many converts or reverts are facing a very isolating Ramadan unlike any other in the past 100 years.

4. Can you share a positive message/ impact that spending Ramadaan under these new conditions has brought about for you and/or your country? 

I feel one positive thing this has created for me is a newfound respect for the privilege of using the space within a masajid, for greeting others in our community or seeing children play. I believe this has also taught us that our home can function as a masajid, we can function with or without the physical presence of a community and in the absence of our communities physical presence, perhaps we may grow closer to Allah in this challenging time. I believe this presents opportunities for us to engage in self reflection and re-evaluation of what we consider essential and what are privileges that we may lose. Many of us have faced economic uncertainties and fear for the health of those we love. In sacrificing the physical closeness, we maintain the stability of our medical systems and Insh’Allah the habits we have learned will guide us to a more sustainable and compassionate future. Many of our communities have stepped up to distribute aid and food bank supports throughout their local cities.


Thank you Trent for this great message of positivity. If you would like to get in touch with Trent from Muslims of Canada you may use the platforms below:


Personal: @daleyshenanigans

AMPAC: @muslims_of_canada







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