Baviaanskloof Road Hike, Hout Bay



Nestled in a far away corner in Hout Bay is this amazing hidden gem of a hike. It is easy to miss the start of this hike. Drive to the end of Baviaanskloof Road till you see the pic below.

Baviaanskloof Start

That is where the start of the hike is. When parking here be mindful not to park in anybody’s driveway.



This was a short scenic hike. 

Strava Baviaanskloof

The hike is mostly at an incline which is not too steep. Our kids aged 6 and 8 managed this hike really well and had fun climbing on the rocks. Our 3 year old attempted to walk at the beginning and then after about 10 mins into the hike it got challenging for her. You don’t need to be very fit and active to do this easy hike. The views of the waterfall at this hike make it a firm favourite for us.


I will be adding some metrics below to give you an idea if it is a hike you and your family will enjoy. I have also started doing Instagram polls to see what other people that have done this hike would rate it. If you have done this hike, you can let me know on Instagram or in the comments below this blog post on your opinions and how you would rate this hike.


On a scale of 1-10, 1 would be the easiest and 10 will be the most challenging.


Intensity level: 2 (There is a slight incline for most of the way but it is not intense at all)

Duration of hiking before you get to the views: 1 (the hike is relatively short and you get some lovely views and sounds of the stream early on in the hike)

Family friendly: 1 (Quite an easy pathway to follow although at times it could get a bit narrow to navigate especially if you are carrying a child with you)

Clear path markings: 9 (Not very easily marked, just follow the stream and you will be heading in the correct direction)


Let me explain how you can find and do this hike as the pathway was not marked and we almost turned back when we got to a small stream as we thought that was the end of this hike. Luckily we carried on as we would have missed the best part of this hike if we turned back.

Here is a pic of the first small stream you will pass.

First small stream


From the start you walk until you get to a place where you can either go left or right. If you go right you will see a fence and also a beautiful view of the coastline (this is not the correct pathway to take to the waterfall.)

Coastline View

If you turn left you will see a small stream and you basically carry on along this way until you get to a point where you actually have to cross the stream to carry on this hike all the way to the waterfall at the end.

Small bridge


If your kids are anything like my ones and love playing in water then please carry a picnic basket and some change of clothes for your kids.

Sujud Waterfall



Most of our hikes are spontaneous and I never have time to prepare for any of them in advance. We only had water with us on this hike. As we were planning on taking a drive to get fish and chips in Hout Bay. Luckily we all had our takkies on and our hiking carrier was in our car boot. This facilitated this random hike at the most odd time of the day.

Sujud Musallah


It is lovely to make wudhu at this stream. The waterproof musallah we got from Sujud South Africa really came in handy here.

Be sure to view the reel and posts on our instagram account to see more on this hike.


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