Aquila Private Game Reserve with the Kia Sonet 2021


Situated in Touws River just under two and half hours drive out of Cape Town, South Africa and you will arrive at The Aquila Private Game Reserve.

Aquila Entrance



Tip: Arrive a little early, as there is quite a lot of paperwork to fill out at the gate and then again at the parking lot before you make your way to the reception.


It was great seeing an establishment still being able to serve a buffet service while adhering to strict covid protocols.


Let me explain how it worked: Only two people are allowed into the buffet area. A waiter would walk around with you and dish out the food for you. You would then leave the buffet area which is on the opposite side from where you entered. This allows for another waiter to allow another pair of people into the buffet area while maintaining social distance from you and your waiter.


The food was divine, and the variety was excellent. Aquila Private Game Reserve received their level 5 crescent rating.


Halaal Certificate

There are also Salaah facilities available. These facilities have been recently upgraded.

Aquila Salaah Room


Note: Drinks were not part of the buffet, there would be an additional charge if you ordered drinks.

Eating Area


If you are looking for a family adventure, a honeymoon option, or a relaxing romantic getaway, a trip to Aquila Private Game Reserve will tick all these options perfectly.



Game drives at Aquila Private Game reserve:

We were allowed to go on two game drives; however, we chose to only go on one of the game drives. We were lucky Alhamdulillah that we got to see all the animals except for the leopard which we were told was an extremely rare sighting. We were able to get in quite close proximiy to all the animals, especially the lions. See pictures below.

Hungry Lion




Kids entertainment at Aquila Private Game Reserve:

-Kids playroom. Kids are allowed to play here with you supervising them. If you book a couples spa treatment you can get babysitting for free.

-Swimming Pool

-Mini Golf

-Jungle Gym

-Small ball pond


-Roasting marshmallows by the fire outside.

Kids Play Area


Kids indoor play area

-Star gazing: A guide explained to us and showed us the different constellations and planets in the sky using a laser pointer. This made it easy even for the kids to see the constellations and planets. He also explained how the stars were used as a navigation system and how it was used to show people what season they were in and what season was coming. So the early humans could then prepare for the relevant season. This star gazing experience was enjoyed by both the kids and adults alike. It made us appreciate and be grateful for all the technology that we have today.

Star Gazing

The guide also explained to us how to see if we are looking at a planet or a star. And then he showed us how we could actually see Venus, Jupiter and Saturn from earth without a telescope. With the telescope he showed us Jupiter with two if it’s moons and Saturn’s rings. He had a box for the kids to stand on so they could also enjoy this experience.


-45 min Junior Game Drive for kids only. Kids from 5 years and above are allowed to go on this game drive.




A game ranger picks the kids up from just outside the reception area and takes them on a game drive to show them how to track animals by looking at their footprints on the sand, tells them about the different animals as they drive past them, tells them about how they eat etc. From what my 6 and 8 year old learnt and remembered, I would say it was an amazing educational experience. It’s truly amazing to learn how Allah created everything in perfect harmony, meticulously designed with such precision and perfection.


The family lodge, pictured below, where we were hosted was really spacious and comfortable.


Family Lodge

It consisted of 2 rooms, pictured above is the main room. It is en-suite with a bed for our little one as well. It had a sliding door that went straight into the reserve and had a lovely view.

Sliding Door

The other room was also en-suite and had 2 single beds.

Kids Room


Whenever we go on road trips a big part in determining where we could go is the car we drive. Kia South Africa sponsored the Kia Sonet 2021 to use for this trip and it was absolutely amazing. The drive was smooth and comfortable. The features in the car were amazing and the fuel consumption was phenomenal. Here are some pictures below of the Kia Sonet 2021.

Kia Sonet


Kia Sonet Interior


For a more detailed review including more technical specifications, fuel consumption, retail price and to see whether the car is suitable as a family compact SUV click the link below which will take you to a YouTube video which goes through all of the above and more.