Al-Khair Honey

Al-Khair honey is a pure South African honey. We had recently received the 300g squeeze bottle. The first thing we liked was the size of the bottle as it is very compact to travel with. The taste is exceptional and we could definitely taste that it is authentic raw honey.


Al-Khair Honey

The Al-Khair honey range can be bought worldwide via their online shop. They have a wide and diverse range of honeys available. They have a cooking aid range of honeys, a gifting range, an infused honey range and unfiltered raw honey.

Al-Khair Honey

Two of the Al-Khair honey products that sounded particularly interesting to us was the infused honey with toffee apple and honey crush cream soda.

Al-Khair Honey

The prices of their honeys are really affordable and reasonable. Check out their online store for the full range of products. When buying from the online store you can get free delivery anywhere within South Africa for a purchase above R500.


Phone: 081 273 2000




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