About Us


Would you like to visit a destination, play area, park, do a hike or any other fun, adventurous or relaxing travel activity? Is it appropriate to take your kids with you? Or are you planning a trip and need some ideas of what to do? Where to eat? Where to shop? What to expect? or how to prepare? We are here to help YOU.


Our blog will give you a fresh new perspective of ideas, inspiration and reviews.


About who we are


We are travel bloggers from Cape Town, South Africa. We have 3 kids, a son and 2 daughters.


We are passionate about travelling and since we had kids we felt restricted with our travel options. We had learnt the hard way that travelling with kids needs to be modified and adapted and that not all places are kid friendly.  We had finally created a new definition of travelling that suits our current lifestyle. With this in mind, we started this blog to help, inspire and motivate you in your travels.


We are constantly visiting new exciting places and creating everlasting memories in our beautiful country and abroad that we would like to share with you.