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Halaal Travels


Welcome to Halaal Travels. Halaal Travels is a community based blog where we get to learn from each other.


On this blog you will find an array of diverse travel adventures and experiences from muslims around the world. 


Here is a list of submissions we feature on a regular basis:


-Expat Series:

We have created this series with the aim to help other muslims wanting to move to another country. Here you will get to read up on the experiences of others as well as some amazing helpful tips to make the transition and planning processes easier. 


-Global Travels

In this section you will find inspiration for your next travel adventure. Here we get to learn and travel through the eyes of our travel writers as they share their travel experiences with us. 


-Ramadan Around the Globe

Annually our Ramadan series of blog posts showcases the diversity in our Global Muslim community. Each year our theme is unique and it provides an enlightening opportunity for us to learn from each other. 


Local Experiences


In this section we get to learn from the locals on the best travel ideas and hidden gems. 

We also share some of our personal travels, hikes and reviews with the aim of helping you find trips and outings in South Africa that you can relate to, replicate and enjoy with your family. 


Each of our social media accounts features a different side of travel experiences and perceptions. 


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Halaal Travels Team


Azeezah (editor)

I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I love travelling, exploring, finding hidden gems and hiking with my family. I have three kids. My son is 8 and my daughters are 6 and 3 years old. You will find our explorations, hikes and travels, and travel reviews on this blog.


Muhammed (Photographer)

I am from Cape Town, South Africa. Accountant, Entrepreneur and photography enthusiast. I capture photography for the Halaal travels blog with a Canon DSLR camera and a DJI Mini 2 drone.