A Family Walk through the Sugar Cane Fields

Ballito Parkrun




Ballito is a town that is 20km from the King Shaka International Airport. On a Saturday morning at 8 a.m they have a parkrun that takes place at the Sugar Rush Park. 


Our experience

We love family nature walks, hikes and runs. So when we heard from our family about how amazing the Ballito parkrun was we just had to do it. This parkrun was so different from other parkruns we had previously done. We got to run in the sugar cane fields which was absolutely amazing! It was stunning, serene and tranquil. The terrain was sandy, with a few uphills here and there. So if you are going to do the parkrun with a pram you need to have a proper runners pram and be moderately fit.

Ballito ParkrunBallito Parkrun


We ended up starting the parkrun about 15 minutes late, not a good idea. We were lost as to where they started or where we should go. Luckily the parkrun volunteers were still there and directed us where to go. They had a tail-ender that walked behind the last person doing the parkrun (which was us for a while) until we caught up to some of the other parkrunners. 

Ballito ParkrunBallito Parkrun


If it was not for the tail-ender we would not have known where to go at the start. They had marshalls and signs after that which we followed. My 6 year old went with our family who had started the run at 8 a.m. We had our girls with us. Our 4 year old wanted to be pushed in the pram.


Pushing our Maclaren stroller through the park run was not easy. However, we are moderately fit and we have pushed our Maclaren on sandy terrain and on hikes previously so we knew our capabilities and the capabilities of our Maclaren stroller. (I must admit how impressed I am with our stroller. We bought it second hand and have been using it for the past 4 years in all different terrain and it has survived perfectly). So we managed to run/walk with it and catch up to some of the other runners. Our 18 month old baby was in our K-Way Habibi Baby Carrier which she loves. The K-Way carrier together with our Maclaren stroller have become travel essentials while travelling with our kids as our 4 year old recently doesn’t want to walk as much as she used to.

Ballito ParkrunBallito Parkrun




If you love running and love doing parkruns we would recommend trying out this parkrun. At the end of the park run you will find an awesome play park for the kids that is free at the Sugar Rush Park. There is also a coffee shop however, the shop is not halaal. We packed a few snacks and had a small picnic in the kids play area after the parkrun. The kids absolutely loved playing in the play park. Click here for other activities at Sugar Rush Park.



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