3 Easy Hiking Trails for Beginners and Children in Cape Town 

Newlands Forest
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Would you like to begin hiking with your children in Cape Town? 


Are you craving an adventure out in nature surrounded by peace, tranquility and breathtaking views? 


In this article I will share with you 3 hiking trails that are suitable for beginners and children. These trails are wide, safe and well marked making it easy to walk and experience what hiking is all about.


The natural environment, fresh air and fynbos is always such a treat when exploring these trails. We are truly blessed to have amazing and breathtaking hiking trails that are suitable for kids and beginners right on our doorstep.


  • Newlands Forest 

Newlands Forest


Newlands forest is a popular trail that is enjoyed by kids, adults and dogs. The lush tranquil ambiance of Newlands Forest is always rejuvenating. You can take a stroll or enjoy a trail run – it’s the perfect way for your children to use up and release all their energy. Here, at Newlands Forest, you will be immersed in nature with the sounds of the birds and the stream. 


Tip: When starting to hike with your children, always begin gradually. You can use time or distance as an indication of how long you’ll can be out on the hike without feeling tired. 

Be sure to record this time or distance and then to push yourself or your kids just a little more on each subsequent hike. You will be surprised at how much yours and their fitness levels would have increased after a few months. 


Location: Newlands Forest is located in Constantia which is very near the University of Cape Town.


  • Cecilia Forest

Cecilia Forest 1

Cecilia Forest is another easy hiking trail to try out as a beginner or with kids. This hiking trail is a beautiful part of Constantia that you can explore.The terrain is wide, and easy to navigate through.There is even a path that leads to the waterfall. Although, as a beginner hiker or if you are hiking with kids, I would not recommend you do this walk initially. It is a little strenuous so rather build up your fitness level before you enjoy this path with your kids. Kids that are fit can definitely manage to hike to the waterfall. 


Location: Cecilia Forest is located in Constantia and is near the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens.


  • Alphen trail

Alphen Trail


The Alphen trail is a must for beginner hikers or hiking with kids. It is one of the most popular trails in the Constantia Green Belt. This is an easy, mostly flat walk. Parts of the trail allows one to walk on either side of the river with a number of bridge crossings. This hike will be a firm favourite especially if you are hiking with toddlers or young kids. 


Tip: If you are hiking with kids, carry a trowel, spare socks and a change of clothes for the kids. Also pack a picnic and be prepared to spend hours by the river side.


Location: The Alphen trail is located in Constantia and is one of the most popular trails in the Constantia Green Belt.

Surah Qaf: “And the Earth, We spread it out, and cast therein firmly set mountains and We have made to grow therein of all beautiful kinds; to give sight and as a reminder to every servant who turns to Allah.” [50:7-8]

Tip: When you are on hikes and in nature, remember the verse above. When you are immersed in nature on hikes, you will find yourself in awe of the Might and Power of Allah. The sights, sounds and the views you will see are a testament to our Glorious Creator. 


If you have been thinking about trying out going on hikes, I hope this post inspires you to give it a try no matter what your fitness level is. 



Cecilia Forest

Helderberg Nature Reserve

Pipe Track

Alphen Trail

Deer Park

Elephants Eye



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